To pass the air brake CDL endorsement test the answer is simple. Trust to get you DMV passed the first try. Memorize the following 7 Step Air Brake check to pass ANY Air Brakes Questions on the DMV CDL Permit Test.

CDL Air Brake – Seven Step Check

Air Brake 7 step check - CDL TEST ANSWERS - DMV TEST ANSWERS

The Seven-Step Air Brake check is designed to test the governor cut-in and cut-out pressures, air pressure leakage, warning buzzer, brake valves and air pressure rebuild rates.

Brakes off means the yellow and/or red valve is pushed in (on = valve out).

  1. Engine on / Brakes on – check gauges to make sure governor cuts compressor off at 120 psi. Pump brakes until pressure drops below 100 psi to make sure governor cuts compressor on.
  2. Engine off / Brakes off – do not touch brakes – watch gauges to make sure pressure does not drop more than 3 psi in one minute.
  3. Press and hold brake pedal – watch gauges to make sure pressure does not drop more than 4 psi in one minute.
  4. Turn key on / Engine off / Brakes off – pump brake until pressure drops to 60 psi – warning buzzer should sound at or before 60 psi.
  5. Continue pumping brakes until reaching 20 to 40 psi – Emergency (red) and Service (yellow) brake valves should pop out turning brakes on.
  6. Rebuild air pressure in tank – hold accelerator at 1500 RPM. Watch air gauges and notice that pressure rate of build between 85 psi and 100 psi should not take more than 45 seconds.
  7. Perform tug tests. Tug against Parking Brake only. Tug against Emergency
    Brake only. Tug against Hand Brake only. Test service brake by accelerating to 5mph and pressing brake pedal. If vehicle pulls to one side, this indicates a brake alignment problem.
    If there is a problem discovered while testing the Air Brakes, do not drive the vehicle. It is your responsibility to make sure it is repaired by a mechanic. Never operate a vehicle that is unsafe to drive.

Tip: Know the parts of an S-cam Air Brake before taking the Class A CDL TEST at the DMV. You can find the S-Cam on our link




For more information on Air Brake Test Questions for the Class A CDL Test, please visit our CDL HANBOOK and review our CDL Practice SKILLS TEST Videos to make sure you understand all the questions asked by your DMV test instructor.  Be sure to review the CDL Pre-TRIP Questions because the DMV Test Instructor will ask questions related to Class A CDL Air Brake Systems on the Tractor and the Trailer.

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Air Brake 7 step check

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