Fitness Tips for Truckers

Tips for health Truck Drivers. Pass the DOT Physical.

Tips for healthy Truck Drivers. Pass the DOT Physical.

Want to avoid the cpap mask?  Want to avoid sleep apnea?  Want to avoid high-blood pressure?

Sure most truck drivers worry about that dreaded DOT Physical.  Maybe truck drivers could cut down on all-you-can-eat buffets, truck stop junk food, and long hours driving in a seat. But now the truck driver life is what you make of it. It is up to each Truck Driver to turn the tide on OTR health and DOT Physical health regulations.  I would rather ME do it, then have the FED make me do it.

Think about it, when you stop at the rest stop… go for a walk while drinking a healthy drink.  Just make mild changes to everyday activities if you want to make going to the DOT Physical – NO PROBLEM, start taking a walk about 45 minutes to 1 hour of brisk walking 4 days per week.  Stop eating drive thru and have fun cooking healthy meals.  Cut way back on drinking soda.  I'm serious.  Stop drinking soda if you can and drink tea or water.

Use social media to learn how other truckers cook on the go and eat GREAT while staying healthy.

  1. Look for hotels with fitness centers.
  2. Store Small Exercise Equipment in Your Truck

Try new portable fitness options for your OTR lifestyle…. try social media for healthy trucker trends on twitter.

Other truckers will post pictures of how they do it!!!

Train Anywhere With Body weight and Cardio

  1. Body weight Squats:  Try body weight squats! With your legs and thighs inactive throughout the day, squats are a great way to increase muscles and keep your body active.  Plus you burn a lot of calories.
  2. Push-ups: Everybody knows the push-up. They work great.
  3. Burpees: Try burpees. With a burpee, you get both strength training and aerobics.
  4. Cardio: Try running up and down stairs at big hotels.  It works!


Is trucking an unhealthy career choice?

Don’t Forget  >>  Loading: For some truckers, just loading and unloading can give a great workout. Go for a fast walk around the building after loading and unloading at warehouse.