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Our client Swift values the experience that Commercial drivers bring to our trucking companies bottom line. We want to reward you for joining our TEAM!
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The bonus is paid out over 120 days! You will benefit from Swift's great pay, consistent loads, and more miles. Through our driver ranking system and mentorship programs, drivers can increase their earning potential.
Swift has some of the best trucks and technology on the road, assuring your safety and comfort.
We offer great benefits too, from terrific medical and dental plans to 401K programs. The sign-on bonus offer won't last long.
But most of all our on the job training programs mean we can help both new drivers and full professional Class Drivers.

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We work with Swith Transportation. They have a taring program in Phoenix, AZ for 2 weeks of intense hands on then if you pass, you ride along with a pro driver until the new driver is ready to begin driving alone.

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For any Class A commercial driver - especially HAZMAT endorsement and TANKER endorsement drivers can dramatically increase pay for commercial CDL vehicles. So make a purchae get the HAZMAT and TANKER tests included with all CDL Tests for our practice CDL TEST section of website.


CDL Skills Test Backing Exercises and Pre-Trip Advice

How to pass the CDL Road Trip / Skills Test and Pre-trip Advice?

When taking the CDL Class A Road Test also known as the CDL Skills Test, it is the time for a driver to communicate what they know about every system on the truck.  For example be prepared to point to and describe many different components of the commercial truck:  light systems, air brake systems, engine, gears and drive train, kingpin hookup and unhook, how to test the air brakes before using the vehicle.  In fact, you must slightly tug on your air brakes every time you do a walk around before starting out in the commercial vehicle.  Adding slight pressure can test the brakes to makes sure they hold.

However the best way to check the brakes on a commercial vehicle is the 7 Step Air Brake Check.

If you memorize the seven steps, you can pass any CDL Skills test.

You can find an example here.

Another big part of the CDL Skills test is backing techniques for the commercial vehicle.

There are two important types of backing each driver must prove they can accomplish.  You cannot get a second chance if you hit so drivers can fail the test easily. 

First is the 90 degree angle driver's side alley backup exercise.


90 degree backing for CDL Skills Test

The second is the Offset Back / Right exercise.



Offset backing for CDL Skills Test is part of passing the CDL driving test.

Then after proving the ability to communicate all working systems and preform proper backing technique, a road trip will be required.  The biggest thing to watch for right at the beginning of the road trip… there will always be an overpass with a height sign on it.  It can vary from 12 feet to 17 or more feet high for bridges, but as soon as you pass the overpass or bridge the instructor will say did you see the height for the bridge and if you do not answer it correctly you miss points.   Also, never let your wheel hit the curb for any reason, it was an automatic disqualification in my case where I barely clipped a curb that was recessed and level to the street but he said he had to fail.  I did a retake for another $100.00 a week later and passed with ease.  So do not be disappointed if you do not pass the skills test on your first try.

It all starts right here at CDL-TEST.com


CDL Drivers Who Have Sleep Apnea

CDL Drivers Who Have Sleep Apnea

A research clinical study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania was sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the American Transportation Research Institute of the American Trucking Associations found that almost one-third (33%) of commercial truck drivers have mild to severe sleep apnea.1

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is closely related to insomnia and is recognized as a breathing-related sleep disorder that causes brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. When CDL drivers have pauses in breathing they can last at least 10 seconds or more and can occur up to 400 times a night. Sleep apnea is a serious, potentially life-threatening medical condition that often goes unrecognized and undiagnosed.

Risk Factors for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea occurs in a variety of age groups and both sexes, but there are several factors that may put CDL Drivers at higher risk:
Being over weight
Family History of obesity
Having a small upper airway
Having a recessed chin, small jaw, or a large overbite
A large neck size (17 inches or greater for men, 16 inches or greater for women)
Being age 41 or older
Smoking and alcohol use

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Gasping or chocking while sleeping
Morning headaches and nausea
Loss of sex drive/impotence
Excessive daytime sleepiness
Irritability and/or feelings of depression
Disturbed sleep
Loss of Concentration and Memory Loss
Frequent nighttime urination
Loud Snoring

How to Diagnose Sleep Apnea

In order to diagnose sleep apnea, your doctor may send you to a sleep center for testing. You may be asked to spend a night at the center, where experts will monitor your sleep. The sleep study will determine the severity of your insomnia and / or sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and any professional driver who is determined to have sleep apnea will be placed into the DOT database with an allowance of temporary or provisional CDL Class A Driver Licenses. If one doctor denies your temporary CDL, go to another clinic because each doctor may assess the situation differently and I have seen many second opinions get their temporary CDL. This means you go get a DOT physical every year instead of the usual every two years.

Can Sleep Apnea Affect Your Driving?

Because sleep apnea affects your sleep, it also affects your daytime alertness and performance. Insomnia is a component of sleep apnea, and this is why it must be regulated by the DOT. They cannot have Class A Drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Untreated sleep apnea can make it difficult for you to stay awake, focus your eyes, and react quickly while driving. Research studies show that people with untreated sleep apnea have an increased risk of being involved in a fatigue-related motor vehicle crash.

Many sleep apnea patients say they never fall asleep while driving. That may be true. But remember, you don’t have to fall asleep to have a crash. You simply have to be inattentive or less alert — and with untreated sleep apnea; you are not as sharp as you should be.

Can You Still Drive if You Have Sleep Apnea?

Yes! While FMCSA regulations do prescribe that a person with a medical history or clinical diagnosis of any condition likely to interfere with their ability to drive safely cannot be medically qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in interstate commerce.

However, once successfully treated by a physician in many cases a Class A CDL driver may regain their “medically-qualified-to-drive” status. It is important to note that most cases of sleep apnea can be treated successfully, and more importantly you can get a temporary CDL to cover you until the doctor can get your medical condition under control. Some common problems preventing CDL drivers from working are high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Both conditions can often improve with daily walking of 45 minutes to 1 hour, and not eating past 7PM EVER. By doing these two simple things you can regain your health and regain full Class A CDL driving privileges.

What Should You Do When Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea?

You and/or your doctor should contact the medical qualifying examiner to determine your fitness to operate a commercial motor vehicle and to get help with treatment. Often times medical professionals are able to help CDL drivers with medication that helps with sleep apnea or a medical device CPAP Machines and Sleep Therapy Devices can control sleep apnea so CDL drivers can hit the road.

What Level of Sleep Apnea (mild, moderate, severe) Disqualifies a CMV Driver?

Any diagnoses of sleep apnea can be disqualifying. Most are at a level of sleep apnea that is moderate to severe… and that interferes with safe driving. The medical examiner must qualify and determine a driver’s medical fitness for ability to operate a Class A vehicle and is regulated by the DOT.

What are the Obligations of a Motor Carrier Regarding Employees with Sleep Apnea?

A motor carrier may not require or permit a driver to operate a Class A CDL vehicle if the driver has a medical condition — such as sleep apnea — that would affect one's ability to safely operate the commercial vehicle.
It is crucial persons with sleep apnea fully comply with the treatment provided by their physician. They should not drive if they are not comply with treatment. Once a CDL driver is effectively treated, and complying with that treatment, that driver can manage sleep apnea and secure their ability to drive a commercial vehicle safely.

1. Pack A.I., Dinges D.F, & Maislin G. (2002). A study of prevalence of sleep apnea among commercial truck drivers (Report No. DOT-RT-02-030). Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Transportation, FMCSA.

The materials contained on this page were developed under a contract with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) and are being disseminated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the interest of information exchange. CDL-TEST.com is not associated with any doctor and does not provide medical advice and therefore assumes no liability of the contents or use thereof.



Swift Transportation Training Program Phoenix, AZ

Swift Transportation Training Program Phoenix, AZ

Our CDL truck driver job listings include:

• Long Haul Trucking Jobs
• Dry Van Loadyo
• Flatbed Truck Driving Jobs
• Refrigerated Loads
• Auto Haulers
• Tanker Truck Driver Jobs
• Hazmat Loads
• Oversized Loads
• Trucking Jobs in the Oil Fields

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Truck Drivers are in high demand and we are here to help you get the best jobs with TOP companies. If you need Training we have partners. If you need a job we have partners. If you need a CDL Recruiter, send your resume to jobs@CDL-Recruiter.com WE fight for top pay and top benefits while you look relaxed.
We aslso help prepare you for your interview.

And if you need a tanker endorsement or HAZMAT visit our partner at

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The often times stated hardest part to obtain a CDL is the Air BREAKS TEST.
It consists of many complicated components. We provide questions and pictures so you can visualize the air brake. However this is the best way to pass the driver and systems walk around....So study this!

Air Brake 7 step check:
How to pass any air brakes test questions?

It is easy to pass the CDL with practice tests, but we at CDL-TEST.com make every attempt to find the safety tips you will definitely need.  Be sure to watch the videos on the top - right menu for additional safety tips.

Schneider Hires Class A CDL Truck Drivers

Schneider Hires Class A CDL Truck Drivers

Get hired Class A CDL!

Professional Truck Driver – Class A CDL

Job Openings:



Over-the-road Tanker CDL truck drivers earn up to $77,000 per year* with a new pay increase, and they're among the highest paid in Schneider's fleet averaging $6,000 - $10,000 more per year than non-Tanker drivers.

Tanker drivers also have a flexible time off program in which you get to select six preferred days off each month. Schneider provides industry-leading training to all tanker drivers no tanker experience required plus driving school tuition reimbursement to qualified candidates.

Schneider tanker drivers specialize in the safe transfer of bulk liquid chemicals

2/3 of loads are non-hazardous. 1/3 of loads are hazardous materials. Advance your career by becoming part of Schneider's elite group of tanker drivers, and enjoy continued advancement opportunities throughout your time with Schneider. CDL Class A Hazmat drivers make the top pay scale in the transportation industry.

Mileage and accessory pay plus potential $0.02/mile performance bonuses, 6 preferred days off each month Detention pay after the second hour Loading and unloading pay.  Paid orientation and training Hazmat endorsement reimbursed with receipt Medical, dental and vision insurance plus flexible spending options 401(k) savings plan with company match Paid time off Truck Driver Qualifications Valid Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Live within 200 miles of Houston, TX Ability to park personal vehicle in Houston, TX Tanker endorsements required at time of hire as a CDL driver Hazmat endorsement required within 30 days of hire date TWIC card (Transportation Worker Identification Card) required after time of hire.


by using the Contact Us form at CDL-TEST.com or use the CDL Recruiter contact information below.

Please Contact / Driver Recruiter

(501) 420-2772


*** Eligible CDL Driver Applicants Experienced truck drivers New Class A CDL holders Truck Driver Pay & Benefits Full-time CDL drivers are eligible for: Up to $77,000 per year* (up to $0.53 per mile*)  Up to $6,000 tuition reimbursement available for qualified drivers  $7,500 sign-on bonus for experienced drivers $2,500 sign-on bonus for inexperienced drivers.

Baylor Trucking Now Hiring CDL Class A

Class A CDL job

Get hired as a professional CDL truck driver. Sign on Bonus.

Veterans & Soldiers get hired at Baylor Trucking

In an honorable display of patriotism Baylor Trucking announced that they will acknowledge the dedication and service of their military veteran drivers by increasing their pay. They also hope to aid the lives of family members of returning soldiers buy hiring new drivers at great pay with exceptional home time, and family health benefits.

As part of Baylor Trucking's Veteran’s Recognition Program, drivers who served in the armed forces will receive a $.01 per mile increase. Local (veteran) drivers who served will earn an extra $1 per hour. Veterans who are members of the company’s office staff are included and receive a 1% pay increase.
Baylor Trucking also honors its veteran drivers by issuing them especially patriotic wrapped trucks with honorable military themes. By outfitting their trucks with a star decal to distinguish their branch of service each veteran truck driver displays their military pride, our better yet, they display our pride in their military service. The company also focuses on providing specialized CDL training for members of the military who have recently come home from deployment.

CDL-TEST.com offers free memberships to military veterans!

Just email a copy of your military I.D. service card to info@CDL-TEST.com and we will be delighted to send you a free membership. Please remember to use a working email address so we can sign up the correct user name for your membership to the website www.CDL-TEST.com

Cari Baylor, president of Baylor Trucking said this about our veteran drivers, “For the sacrifices these brave men and women have made for our country, this program is another way our company can say thank you.” Baylor Trucking was started by World War II veteran Chester Baylor with a single truck in 1946. Four generations later, Cari Baylor oversees a fleet of 200 trucks.

Contact The CDL Recruiter Today by sending your CDL driving resume to

Or, contact us at the CDL-TEST.com website using the contact form.
We will be happy to assist all military service members find work.

Find a CDL job nationwide at http://www.cdl-test.com/trucking-jobs/

Class A CDL Job Opportunities – On the job training with SWIFT Transportation


CDL Class A Swift Transportation

CDL Class A. 4K Sign on BONUS.  SWIFT.


CDL Class A Truck Driver Job Overview

Swift values our fleet of truck drivers and the experience your CDL brings to our trucking company. We would like to reward you for joining our CDL team. If you have six months of experience as a CDL Class A truck driver, YOU GET $4000 just for joining our team!

No contracts, no gimmicks, no lawyers. Your CDL bonus is paid out over your FIRST 120 days! In addition, you'll benefit from Swift's great pay, consistent loads, and more miles. Through our CDL mentor-ship programs, drivers can increase their earning potential and contribute their skills to an ever growing team. Swift has some of the best trucks and technology on the road, assuring your safety and comfort. We offer great benefits too, from medical and dental plans to 401K programs. Send your resume today! [ jobs@CDL-Recruiter.com ]

At Swift, there are a variety of truck driving jobs available - Dry van, reefers and heavy haul just to name a few. Dedicated Driver means additional opportunities at Swift. This includes the chance to be part of a "dedicated" fleet. Working on a dedicated fleet allows you to haul loads for the same company (well-respected companies such as Target, Home Depot and Wal-Mart) on consistent and predictable routes. It also means you’ll enjoy consistently more time at home.

Our CDL drivers can improve skills and move up to take on the role of mentor. Mentors work with recent graduates from CDL schools and help them become professional truck drivers. Our growing fleet of flatbed tractors and trailers is becoming an important part of our operations. This demands a professional driver with extra Swift training. We will help guide your professional driving career with education and training to give you the confidence of knowing you work with the best. And confidence in knowing you are being paid the best.

Explore your options at Swift! Flatbed, Regional, Intermodal, and Over the Road opportunities are ready and available NOW.

Send resume to jobs@CDL-Recruiter.com

How to get a better CDL job?

CDL Jobs Apply Now!

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How Can You Get a Better CDL Driving Job?

Apply with us today for high paying truck driving careers driving new trucks.

For the best pay and most home time trade up to a new trucking job.  If you have had 2 or more years experience professional truck driving for a company, it is time to trade that experience for better pay.

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The great thing about working with a recruiter is we can negotiate for the highest pay.

We are looking for long-haul and short-haul trucking routes to be filled by professional drivers with Class A CDL.  We also have HAZMAT CDL positions open for qualified drivers.

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Our recruiters will help you get your trucking career on the fast track to success.

There currently is a shortage of trucking professional drivers in most areas of the United States.  Supply and demand means competitive pay and more take home pay.  All you have to do is call a recruiter and email us a resume.  Then sit back while we set up your interviews, negotiate your pay and benefits.  We will also prep you for the interview so you know what to expect before the interview starts.  You can apply with confidence because we are here to help.

By working with a recruiter from CDL-TEST.com you can expect:

  1. Better job with better pay / benefits
  2. More home time
  3. Local route or regional route
  4. New model 18-wheeler – Peterbilt or Kenworth
  5. Choice of manual or automatic transmission for most trucks
  6. Willing to work with new CDL drivers, but most positions require 2 years experience

Recruiters are standing by to speak with truck drivers now!

Or email us your resume and we will contact you with our current open CDL positions.

Express Courier Services, Freight (LTL, FTL) and Freight Forwarding (LTL, FTL, Ocean, Domestic and International Parcel, Intermodal) CDL Professional Truck Drivers make 55K per year.


Volvo says layoffs coming at Va truck plant

Volvo says layoffs coming at Va truck plant

Volvo Trucks will layoff an unspecified number of workers from its Dublin, Va.-based truck manufacturing plant late this summer, the company has said. The layoffs stem from a slowdown in North America truck orders, says Volvo spokesman John Mies.

Mies says Volvo notified the plant’s workers that the plant production cuts will come in early August, but details on worker layoffs are still scant, he said. “It’s too soon to say how many people or exactly when” the layoffs will come, Mies said. “This reduction is a step in our continued adaptation to market conditions,” Mies added, citing a recent Volvo report that downwardly revised the total truck orders forecast for 2016.

The late summer round of layoffs will be the second of the year for Volvo’s New River Valley plant, where all North American Volvo trucks are built. The plant cut more than 700 workers in February due to projected slowdowns in truck orders.



Volvo says layoffs coming at Va truck plant


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Fitness rule data shows poor connection to carriers’ crash risk

Analysis of FMCSA’s Safety Fitness rule data shows poor connection to carriers’ crash risk

Published June, 02 2016

Chart pulled from TransAdvise’s public comment made on the Safety Fitness Determination rulemaking.

New analysis published recently indicates that the agency’s January-published proposal to revamp the way it determines carriers’ fitness to operate could be plagued by the same “crash flaw” issue that’s plagued the larger Compliance, Safety, Accountability program from its 2011 onset.

Numbers obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Truck Transportation show that more than half (56 percent) of the carriers FMCSA said would have been deemed “Unfit” in 2011 under the inspection-based portions of the Safety Fitness Determination rule — and who remained in business for at least the next year — recorded zero crashes in that 12-month time span.

Perhaps even more concerning for owner-operators and small carriers, ASECTT’s Freedom of Information Act-obtained numbers show that 76 percent of carriers with five or fewer trucks, and who had been flagged Unfit to operate, recorded no crashes in the 12 months succeeding.

[rr-story-promotion id=”136466″ align=”center”]

ASECTT obtained the data from FMCSA on May 4, according to a roughly 60-page comment filed by a coalition of carrier groups, including ASECTT, during the Safety Fitness Determination rule’s public comment period. Transportation research firm TransAdvise, which filed an affidavit as part of the coalition’s comments, performed the analysis for the coalition. ASECTT’s FOIA request, and the numbers handed over by FMCSA therefrom, only pertain to carriers that would have been found “Unfit” based on inspection data, rather than the several thousand carriers that would have been found Unfit in 2011 under the rule at large.

The numbers — and the questions they present about the proposed rule’s methodology — add to the mounting pressure the agency’s faced since publishing the proposed rule in January. The rule’s heavy use of data from the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Safety Measurement System’s BASICs violates both federal law and common sense, trucking industry groups have argued. Legislation has also been presented in the U.S. House to block the agency from continuing to work on the rule, pending an overhaul of the CSA program.

The public comment period for the rule ended May 23. CCJ explored some of the main arguments surrounding the rule earlier this week — click here to see that coverage. A one-month reply period is currently ongoing, too, until June 23. Click here to leave a reply comment.

The SFD rule would in short do away with the agency’s Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory and Conditional ratings, which are made during on-site compliance reviews. The SFD rule would replace those ratings with a simple “Unfit” designation; all other carriers would be presumed fit to operate. The rule also changes the way the agency can dole out such a rating, allowing it to use roadside inspection and violation data — rather than an on-site review — to tag a carrier as Unfit. Carriers failing two SMS BASICS would be hit with an automatic Unfit rating. Carriers failing one would be flagged for an investigation.

[rr-story-promotion id=”135577″ align=”center”]

TransAdvise’s analysis of the agency’s January-presented data focuses on the 382 that would have been deemed “Unfit” based either wholly or in part on inspection-derived data.

what clients say